Mason Filippi Drives the Mid-Engine Hyundai RM19

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Recently we were invited to bring our Veloster N TCR cars to Hyundai’s Proving Grounds in the California desert. Drivers Michael Lewis and Harry Gottsacker were on hand to give members of the Automotive press ride-alongs in our TCR cars and Mason Filippi had the opportunity to drive Hyundai’s mid-engine RM19 prototype.

In Mason’s Words

Mason Filippi Hyundai RM19

“I had the amazing opportunity to drive the Hyundai RM19 around the test track at Hyundai’s Proving Grounds. All I can say is wow…it was balanced and powerful with amazing brakes. I could really feel the car and it was amazing to drive a mid-engine TCR powered Hyundai.

The RM19 has 390 Horsepower and a sequential transmission that puts the power down on some huge 305mm Pirelli P Zeros. The balance while going through the esses, was incredible and I could really feel the car with how direct the steering was.

Hyundai RM19 Rolling

It was especially fun to drive the section of the track were the cone chicanes; I was able to stomp on the brakes incredibly late and bring the car down to first gear while flicking it around the chicane.

Mason Filippi Hyundai RM19 at CPG

It was a car guy’s dream, the steering feel, brakes, mid engine and I can’t forget that induction noise right behind my head. I really enjoyed my few laps in the RM19 and I hope to get more. I am thankful for the opportunity and I am still dreaming about driving that awesome machine.”

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