2019 Hyundai Veloster N Review

Veloster N Review From Mason Filippi

The Veloster N is an incredible amount of fun to drive from backroads to around town. I enjoy driving the Veloster N on the street as much as I enjoy driving the N TCR race car. Everything about the N is perfect, the pops and bangs in N mode, eco mode going down the highway, but ready to be swapped into a completely different animal with a push of the button. The amount of grip shocks me every corner, and with N Custom mode, I am able to change and tune the chassis to act like I want it to in different driving situations.

In the Veloster N, I have the capability of being able to immerse myself in the driving experience. It is not only fun and sporty, but there was a massive focus on the driving experience, which I feel like many brands have compromised for something else over the years. I have awesome tuning tools at my fingertips, gauges, driving data, and a perfectly balanced chassis.

Driving both the Veloster N and Veloster N TCR, I can pinpoint many familiar chassis characteristics between them. One of my favorites is the lift-off oversteer in the Veloster N on entry which mimics how the TCR Car is setup. Entering a corner feels great in the Veloster N, and it impresses me every time I jump in the driver seat.

As I exit and put the power down the front grip is phenomenal the entire time without any understeer. Both the Road and Race car put a massive grin on my face and others.

A key component to having a fast race car is the throttle response and control over the power, the TCR Car and Veloster N have a perfect linear throttle response which can be tuned to your liking with the different modes both in the Street and Race car.

The 2.0 Liter turbo from Hyundai is a strong, capable engine and gives me the exact feeling I am looking for when I push down the throttle, it is smooth, not unsettling the chassis and packs a punch at the same time. The steering feel in the Veloster N gives so much feedback and makes me feel like I am in control through every turn and every shift, which is very similar to the TCR Car. The Veloster N is rewarding at any level of driving, from 0-100% there isn’t a moment of boring or bland when behind the wheel always leaving me to want more and more.

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