35 cars. 33 spots. That’s what was on everyone’s minds as the engines were dialed up for Fast Friday. With three days of practice behind us, the speeds today started soaring and predictions are coming to light. At the conclusion of the day, it was third-generation driver Marco Andretti receiving the $10,000 award for topping the Fast Friday charts. 

With the rising of the Saturday sun will return the Indianapolis 500 tradition of Bump Day, and all eyes are on 11 rows of three.


  • Finished Fast Friday on top of the speed charts with a fastest speed of 231.802 mph

“The 98 car is fast in a tow. I’m not sure how fast it is on its own. Right now, I think we’re right on the bubble of the Fast Nine and we’re going to have to absolutely nail it to get it in – but so is everyone, I suppose. Conditions tomorrow could vary, it always depends on weather and cloud cover and the cooler temps always help. We’re lining up later in the day, so we’ll see how it goes.”

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