TONS9905Bryan Herta Rallysport and the No.18 Kobalt Tools Ford Fiesta ST continued the momentum from third in the RedBull Global Rallycross Championship race to finish on top of the podium for Round 3 in Dallas. After coasting through the weekend’s Qualifying, Heat and Semi-Final sessions with second and third place finishes, the No. 18 was able to exemplify what a fast car and some maneuvering can do in a well-stocked field. Sandell’s launch caused the car to explode off the start line creating a lead that proved no match for the other drivers for the duration of the ten lap final.

“I feel fantastic.” Sandell said, “We had a good race weekend overall and we always work as a team and I think that’s what made a difference and why we were able to win this time. During a race weekend everything is not always perfect, but we are able as a group to put it together every time and be out there. So this is an amazing feeling.”

Next up on the RedBull Global Rallycross Championship run is a Doubleheader weekend at the infamous Daytona International Speedway.

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