Brockman, Chase Lead Hyundai’s in Race 1 at Mid Ohio

Mid-Ohio 120
Saturday, September 26, 2020
Post Race Media Quotes
#33 Hyundai Veloster N TCR
Drivers: Gabby Chaves and Ryan Norman
Race 1: Qualified: 7th (Norman) Finished: 7th
Race 2: Qualified 7th (Norman)
Gabby Chaves (finished): “We had an issue with the airjack during our driver change which caused a lengthy pitstop. It was a pretty uneventful race after that. We tried to learn as much about the car and the track as we could to help ourselves for tomorrow.”
Ryan Norman: “I’m really happy it’s a doubleheader and we can get the #33 Veloster N TCR back where it belongs tomorrow. It was a challenging day, but we’ll be back strong tomorrow for race 2.”
#29 Vertical Bridge Hyundai Veloster N TCR
Drivers: Parker Chase and Spencer Brockman
Race 1 Qualified: 9th (Chase)  Finished: 4th
Race 2 Qualified: 8th (Brockman)
Parker Chase: “It was fun to start for the first time in the Hyundai Veloster N TCR. I had a good start, I passed a couple cars in the first few laps, then made my way up to as high as second before turning it over to Spencer who raced hard. It was a good points day for us, and it should have pushed us up in to the top-ten and we’ll fight for the win tomorrow.”
Spencer Brockman (finished): “I’m pretty happy with the result. After starting 9th, we ended up fourth and scored very valuable points for Hyundai today. Parker was awesome out there in the first stint, he did a great job getting the car up the field and the BHA boys were quick in the pits. It was fun to turn around and jump back in the car tonight to qualify. It was really different out there at dusk, but fun.”
#98 Hyundai Veloster N TCR
Drivers: Mason Filippi and Michael Lewis
Race 1: Qualified: 2nd (Lewis)  Finished: 5th
Race 2 Qualified: 6th
Michael Lewis: “The BHA team executed well in the pits and it was an uneventful race for us. Both Mason and I ran hard and I think it was one of those days where you race hard, and maximize the points situation. I looking forward to another race tomorrow and finishing a bit higher up the timesheets.”
Mason Filippi: “The BHA crew did an amazing job today, it wasn’t the result we were hoping for, but we brought the car home in perfect condition which is important for qualifying tonight. Michael took great car of the equipment and the Michelin tires. We changed the two fronts when I hopped in and that was it, no changes. It’s cool having a doubleheader and being able to get right back in the car. I am really looking forward to qualifying tonight, we made some changes to the 98 Hyundai Veloster N TCR and we’ll hopefully get a few more tenths out of it tomorrow.”
9th #21 Hyundai Veloster N TCR
Drivers: Mark Wilkins and Harry Gottsacker
Race 1 Qualified: 6th (Wilkins)  Finished: 6th
Race 2 Qualified: 4th (Wilkins)
Harry Gottsacker: “It was little bit of a tough day for 21 car. Mark had an awesome first stint, it was clean and consistent. He prepped me well for my stint and gave me great feedback to get ready. Unfortunately, we just didn’t have the track position today, we weren’t able to race with the frontrunners. Ready to get back out there tomorrow and bring this Hyundai Veloster to the front.”
Mark Wilkins: “It was fun to start a race again, it has been a while and I felt like I had to refresh myself on all of the tricks. Remembering when to get on it, where the starting line is, and keeping it straight in the mayhem
is always fun. It’s a bit of a different skill set, but great practice. We brought the car home clean and ready for another race tomorrow. It was great qualifying out there tonight. I definitely noticed all of the campfires and the fans out there, it is awesome.”

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