BHA Rewarded with a Pair of Podiums After 4 Hour Scorcher at Road America

Johnson and Simpson Second, Hagler and Lewis Third
Michael Johnson and Stephen Simpson, drivers of the #54 Universal Coating Hyundai Elantra N TCR scored back-to-back podiums with their second place finish at Road America. It looked like they may be headed for the win as Simpson led the final 15 laps in the fou- hour race at Road America. He was passed on the final lap by Tim Lewis in the Alfa Romeo. Johnson and Simpson led the Hyundai squad for the second consecutive weekend with their second place finish and strengthend their championship position of fifth. Defending series champions Taylor Hagler and Michael Lewis scored their fifth podium finish of the season on Saturday when Lewis crossed the finish in third after a hard-fought battle. The duo have led the point standings most of the season and are on pace to defend their title with just two races remaining.
Of Note:
  • Hyundai leads the manufacturers’ standings with 2630 points.
  • Four BHA Hyunda Elantra N TCR’s led the race for a total of 28 laps.
Bryan Herta Autosport Results from Round 8 at Road America
2nd: #54 Elantra N TCR – Michael Johnson (started) and Stephen Simpson(finished)
3rd: #1 Elantra N TCR – Taylor Hagler (started) and Michael Lewis (finished)
5th: #33 Veloster N TCR – Mark Wilkins (started) and Mark Wilkins (finished)
6th: #98 Elantra N TCR – Parker Chase (started) and Harry Gottsacker (finished)
7th: #77 Elantra N TCR – Mason Filippi (started) and Tyler Maxson (finished)
11th: #2 Elantra N TCR – AJ Muss (started) and Ryan Norman (finished)
Current IMSA Michelin Points Standings
1st: Taylor Hagler and Michael Lewis 2270 pts
3rd: Robert Wickens 2100 pts
4th: Harry Gottsacker and Parker Chase 2100 pts
5th: Michael Johnson and Stephen Simipson 2070 pts
7th: Mark Wilkins 1920 pts*
10th: Mason Filippi and Tyler Maxson 1790 pts
12th: AJ Muss and Ryan Norman 1740 pts
*Mark Wilkins did not participate in the race at Mid Ohio, therefore he is ranked differntly than co-driver Robert Wickens.
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2nd Place: #54 Universal Coating Elantra N TCR
Michael Johnson: “I think my stint was pretty good. I think our strategy was good, it was a long run for Stephen in these conditions, but he did what Stephen does, he drives to the front. The car was working perfect, our BHA crew did a really good job with our hand controls and we had great pit stops. We’re ready for that win, but no one can touch the Alfa, especially on the straights, so I’m pleased with our second straight podium, especially under todays conditions with the heat and all of the carnage out there.”
Stephen SImpson: “It was toasty out there for sure. Our BHA Hyundai Elantra N TCR car was great. I really wanted that win for Hyundai, Michael and the crew. I gave it all I had, and unfortunately it was a second place in the end. But, that’s two podiums in a row for us, and we have a lot of momentum going into the final two races.”
3rd Place: #1 Hyundai Elantra N TCR
Taylor Hagler: “I’ve got to hand it to Michael, it was hot out there and he was in for long run in those conditions. My stint was fairly short today, an hour or so, and much of it was under yellow. I was pretty surprised at the level of contact in the opening laps considering it was a four hour. My focus was staying clear of the accidents and giving Michael the best car I could. Didn’t get the win today, but we’ll take the points and focus on the home strectch.”
Michael Lewis: “Taylor’s stint was really clean and not many can say that, there was a lot of damage out there early on. She gave me a great race car to go to battle. It was looking risky, we were on an off strategy and I was really saving fuel there toward the end. I tried with my teammate Stephen Simpson to pull away there at the end and give Hyundai a 1-2 finish, but we came up a bit short. We still finished with a strong double podium, it was a good points day. We’re so close to a win, I think we’re both looking forward to that day.”

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